Top 4 emotional & funny Father's Day gifts for your dad

Father’s Day is coming up and you’ve been struggling to find a gift for your dad.

You keep telling yourself ‘I’ll think of something soon, I promise!’.

Well, it is not too late to get a personalised gift for your dad that he will love!
A custom gift is a perfect way to show your dad how much you care about him.
It will always be an original gift that he can cherish and remind him of the time you spent together.
Plus, they are always unique so he won't have any competition when bragging about his kids' artwork!

Let's see those amazing gifts for your dad:

personalised caricature

    A caricature is a portrait drawn in a style that exaggerates or distorts the subject’s features.
    Caricatures can be drawn in either black and white or colour.

    The word "caricature" derives from the Italian caricare—to charge or load.
    In early Italian, the term could refer to any large drawing or painting, but in modern usage, it usually refers to a portrait exaggeration of some physical quality such as facial features or body type.

    They may be created in any visual art medium, including chalk, pastel, watercolour or digitally.
    A caricature is a funny way to show your dad that your love for him is more than just an expensive gift.

    A custom family portrait

      custom family portrait
      family drawing
      Father's Day is a time to show dad how much he means to you. You can do this by giving him the perfect present. 

      A family portrait is a sentimental gift that will remind him of all the memories he has with his family, you will probably get married someday, or maybe you already are. A family portrait is important to show him
      that no matter what or where you are, you are still a family and always be in your heart and on a portrait.

      funny pet portrait printed on t-shirt

        (If he doesn't have a pet, you can skip this part)

        If he loves his dog, cat, guinea, or any pet he haves, you can create a Renaissance pet portrait for him, a movie character and so on, after that you can print that design on a t-shirt.
        The funniest thing about this shirt is that it will make your dad laugh every time he wears it. These fancy dog portraits will also remind him of the time when he was younger and got his first pet.
        And most importantly, this will remind him that a pet is also part of the family.

        Something made by yourself

          The first thing to think about is what your dad likes. What does he like to do? What are his hobbies? This will help you find something that is more personal for him.

          Another thing to consider is if your dad has a favourite sports team or hobby, like golfing or cooking, then you should create a gift related to that.

          Something made by yourself could be the best gift for a dad because when it comes to family, our fathers care about us, they want the best for us, even spending less money.
          Making something yourself will not make him emotionally because is something personalised, but this will also show him that you put some effort into making it.
          Expensive gifts are also okay to let him know that he's important, but you know what is more important? Your time and effort into making him happy.

          Every year I buy or create a personalised gift for my father, but every year I keep those gifts for myself because he's not around us anymore.
          If your father is still out there don't wait until its too late, go visit him and spend some time with him because time goes by and we can't go back

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