What is The Awesome Dog NFT?

What is The Awesome Dog NFT?

The Awesome Dog NFT will help small artist and designers to sell their custom art and designs services like custom portraits, custom art, logos, NFT services and any other art & design services on Plava Designs

Okay, you help small artists and designers, but what's for you?

One Awesome Dog will be a 10% discount for life ticket on most of the services from Plava Designs.

The Awesome Dog will be valuable for businesses who will need to work constantly with artists and designers.

The price of one Awesome Dog NFT will start with $29, In this way this NFT will be much more valuable than most NFTs out there, because we all know that a cheaper NFT that grows values much more than another NFT that goes down.

We will continue to advertise our NFTs even after we sell out. We know how important is your success for our success, this is the reason we will do our best to make you successful with The Awesome Dog

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