What can you promote on our MLM affiliate marketing program?

Plava Designs is a start-up company that specializes in the production of personalised art, designs, portraits, logos, custom NFTs and many more services based on art and designs.

We at Plava Designs care about our customers and offer them the best possible service. Our job is to turn your ideas into unique and memorable art pieces. We will work with you to create something as unique as you are!

Plava Designs is a company which offers customised design services. We are based on digital files which can be customised to suit different customer needs. We offer personalised art, designs, portraits and pet portraits for both business purposes as well as for individuals.

Our service will be expanding in the near future to provide other design-related services too such as video ads, flyers, t-shirt designs, and much more.

Plava Designs is a custom design company. At Plava Designs we believe that art and design should bring meaning to your life and help you express who you are.

We take pride in being at the forefront of the digital revolution and we do not stop to innovate. We believe that things should always be made better, faster and more beautiful, so we create new services that simplify the process of creating amazing designs.



Now let's see what products and services you can promote on Plava Designs



1. Personalised portraits

personalised portraits

As we are an MLM affiliate marketing program, you can promote our personalized portraits and drawings. It's a very lucrative way to earn money with a low investment.

You can make sure that the artwork is endearing by adding drawings or cartoons of loved ones such as children, family members or pets. There are plenty of reasons why your prospects will love it - for example, you can send them these digital paintings for free.

2. Pet portraits

pet portraits
This niche was originally developed to make pet owners happy by visually capturing their animal's personality and vigour.

Nowadays, many people buy pet portraits as a gift for friends and family members. These are high-quality digital prints, so they can be printed on whatever you want and they are also a great idea for home decoration.
Pet drawings have become more popular as well in recent years because of their modern and edgy look.

3. Caricatures

Advertising caricatures are a great way to get your message out there. Caricatures are often used in marketing campaigns because people are naturally drawn to them. Caricatures tell a story about the person or company that commissioned it, and that story can be anything you choose.

Caricatures are also a great gift for someone who has just moved into their new house or for that big promotion. Your customers will appreciate the time and effort you put into the artwork, even if they don't live in it all the time!

Caricatures are traditional and modern illustrations of a person or group of people. They were popular with royalty during the 18th and 19th centuries.

4. House portraits

house portraits

House portraits are a great way to promote your affiliate marketing program. They are beautiful pieces of art that represent the individual’s house.

House portraits can be used as perfect product ambassadors for a variety of products or services. They can also be utilised as an alternative to traditional business cards or postcards, with some potential customers favouring the idea of receiving their own portrait in the mailbox.

Some of the possible use cases for these portraits include:

- As an amazing gift to someone who has just moved into their new home, making it a memorable moment that they will never forget. - As an opportunity to get a potential customer to remember your brand every day and stay in touch with you. - As a way to leave your mark on someone’s life. As a way to make an entrance into the world.


5. NFT services

NFT services
NFTs are a new type of digital collectibles. They are non-fungible tokens that can be easily and efficiently created by anyone.

NFTs can be customized in any number of ways and their use cases are only limited by their creator's imagination.

Some examples of NFT services you can promote include:

- NFT base character – a fully customizable, unique and original character which represents you on the blockchain

- NFT creator – an easy way to create custom, personalized and unique tokens on the blockchain

- Customizable NFTs - Tokens that have been generated with your own personal touch

- Personalized NFTs - Tokens that have been personalized with your name or another word or phrase

6. Logo designs services

logo designs

You can promote any logo design service or a designer on your affiliate marketing program. You can also advertise as an affiliate to various online stores that sell products and services related to the design industry.

Conclusion: Logo design services are a great choice of topic for an affiliate marketing campaign. Designers are always in demand and they do not have much competition when it comes to advertising their services online.

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