Our mission

At Plava Designs our main goal is to cut carbon emissions and help artists and local printing businesses around the world.

But How does this work?

Is hard to believe that you can find near you an artist that can give you a personalised art exactly how you want it, usually they live far away from you.

But finding a great artist that lives on the other side of the planet isn't bad for the environment because of the carbon emissions of shipping?

Yes, this is very bad for the environment!

This is one of the reasons we provide digital files only.

4 good reasons you should use digital files art

  • You don't have to pay extra for shipping
Most of the time the prices can be more than doubled because of the shipping cost, depending on where they're coming from.

  • You help small but great artists around the world
There are a lot of valuable artists around the world, but some of them live in places where the art is not so valued. It's time to support their dreams to do what they love.

  • You'll have the files forever

Having a digital file of a custom portrait is a great way to have a great memory on your phone or laptop forever, and you also can use it to print on anything you want, on canvas, t-shirts, phone cases and so on.

  • You help your local printing services
Our digital files can help a lot of the local printing businesses around the world. It's time to show some support for local businesses, the artists around the world and the environment.

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