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NFT Base Design

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Best NFT artist to help you generate the NFT bundle collection art based on your idea ready for you to sell on any NFT marketplace

Being different in this marketplace is vital for long-term success, we can help you transform your idea into up to 10k collectable NFTs

We offer different packages based on your needs
1 base character
We will design 1 unique NFT character based on your idea 

We give you the option to choose the number of traits you need for your business so you can generate the collection yourself

We also give you the option to generate your collection of up to 10k unique NFTs based on your base character and the traits you ordered
For collection generation, you will get Metadata included

------------------🛒 How to Order:🛒------------------

1) Choose the pack best pack option for your business

2) Send messages directly through email with your order number once you complete the order.

3) Write notes - Leave a note for any instructions

Your personalised NFTs will then be finished and sent to your email address (1-2 weeks)

Body base (Base Character)
Eyes example: Laser Eyes, High Eyes
Accessories example: Gold Necklace, Nerd Glasses
Mouth example: Smiling, Bored
Clothes example: Police Shirt, Cowboy
Shirt Glasses example: Nerd Glasses, Polar Sunglasses
Hats example: Cowboy Hat, Police Hat